It's own IDE? No Delphi, Lazarus or VS Code dependency

Good day,
Can TMS Web Core be provided with its own IDE so it does not depend on No Delphi, Lazarus or VS Code?

For whatever reason Delphi code completion has stopped working several month ago in my TMS Web Core Application - and I am unable to ascertain why. Of course this has had a huge negative impact on my usage and productivity as well as being very frustrating.

It's own IDE?

I had the exact same issue and this was the suggestion I received from TMS:

With respect to code-insight, this is most likely caused by some code construct that isn't compatible with DCC32. Do you use any ASM blocks in your code? If this is at application level, to keep Code Insight happy, add such code in a block

I followed this advice exactly and Code Insight / Completion / LSP now works again. Hope it's helpful to you as well.

Unfortunately, this did not work for me. :frowning:

This situation takes the 'R' out of RAD for sure.

  1. Is this based on v1.7?
  2. Do you see this in demos?
  3. If this is in a specific app, try to compile its units with DCC32. Those that fail will indicate where there is code not compatible with code-insight.
  1. No. Not 1.7.
  2. No. Some files in the project work well.
  3. The project compiles without issue.

None of the suggestions worked. HOWEVER, my main question is - shall TMS Web Core be available in its own IDE at some point (soon enough)?

Please try with v1.7
If a problem persists, please provide sufficient details to allow us to reproduce this.