Delphi academic 11.2 with academic VCL UI Pack


I have the academic 11.2 version of Delphi and would like to use the academic TMS VCL UI Pack. But the current version only installs under Delphi 10.4. How can I use it with the current academic Delphi edition?

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Our free academic version is aimed at the free 10.4 Delphi Community Edition only.
When Embarcadero releases a community edition of Delphi 11, we will adapt our academic version to a new free community edition.

Then I am a little bit confused. The academic FlexCel Studio is ONLY installing under Rad Studio 11.... So currently I am not able to use both of them in one Delphi version (VCL UI only 10.4, FlexCel only 11.2). How can I overcome this problem?

There seemed to be an oversight when creating Flexcel academic latest build.
It was intended for the Community Edition but it was generated for Delphi 11.
We'll correct this. Sorry for this confusion.

Just to have an estimation: When will the flexcell for academic be available again for Delphi 10.x? I am currently not able to compile my project because of the problem, that the current version is for 11.x only...

The new academic version will be available when FlexCel 7.17 is released, which should be in January, but it is not ready yet.