TMSFMXCloudFacebook unstable


1. Sometimes when I call DoAuth - app not answering.
2. Sometimes when I try login - OAuth form is white - Facebook login page doesnt loaded. Close app, open app one more time - page loaded. Very unstable.
3. How to clear credentials if I alredy logged in and change user (open Facebook login form)? TMSFMXCloudFacebook.Logout not working, clear tkens not working. How to do it stable?


What Delphi version do you use? What operating system (version)?

Delphi XE7 UP1, Android 4.2.2.

Are you able to reproduce this with our demo? Perhaps you could upgrade to a newer Android version?

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I check it today and tell you.

Its not seriuosly. I have to ask all my clients update the Android device, which bought half an year ago?