Access violation and hanging webbrowser


with my last installed version I had problems with hanging webbrowser if I want to add my mail address in the login cloud page, e.g. Google Drive

Thats why today I installed version of  TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey
You wrote in history:

Fixed : Issue with access violation and hanging webbrowser in RAD Studio 10 Seattle

But now if I want to tap my mail address with the Android keyboard I get an access violation in FMX.TMSCloudWebBrowser.Android.pas in line 780

The problem is (keyCode = TJKEyEvent.JavaClass.KEYCODE_BACK).

Please check is asap. A login is not possible...

I've tested a liitle bit more.

The problem does not appear if I test it with you CloudStorageDemo on two devices.

With my app the problem appears on one test device (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 with Android 4.1.2)
On the second the access violation doesn't appear. 

The problem should also occur on S3 mini, but not on S5 mini...

I don't know why...

Is the standard TWebBrowser component working on these problematic devices?


yes, if I use a clean app with TWebBrowser and navigate to then it works.

Yesterday I did some tests on different devices over 
And the problem appears on devices with Android <= 4.3
On devices with 4.4.2 the problem doesn't appear.

I don't know why? 
With previous versions til of this component I don't had these problems.

I commented out the function TTMSFMXAndroidCloudWebBrowserKeyListener.onKey() and the problem is solved.

But what is the meaning of the function TTMSFMXCloudWebBrowserProtected()?

There is a next problem:

After the successfully usage of the login page and accepting the connect between App and Cloudservcie the browser won't closed!

This is also a problem of Android <= 4.3

There is an access violation in FMX.TMSCloudBase line 2316

wr := TJDataOutputStream.JavaClass.init(urlCon.getOutputStream);

Do all the issues described above only occur on devices with an Android version <= 4.3 ?

Yes, they occur on devices Android version <= 4.3

Can you specify your RAD Studio version you are working with?

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Yes, of course:

Delphi X8 

The curious thing is that your CloudStorageDemo runs also on Android <= 4.3. 

But I have no influence on the execution of the component.

The best thing will be I send to you per mail some screenshots and a part of my source code and you can check what could be the reason, okay?

Yes, that would be helpful