Cannot position on a code line in the debugger

Good morning,

In some specific cases, the debugger does not mark the correct line. Instead, it jumps the next line. When debugging, this is also what happens: the execution stops on the wrong line. It took me some time to understand why, but I pinpointed the problem and made a small program to demonstrate.

When a string contains a special character (in this case it was "³") the debugger gets confused. The code I inserted was:
if (v_Val = '500.0m³/h') or (v_Val = '1')
Aux := 1;

And I wanted to stop on Aux := 1, which is not possible, because of the "³" character in the condition. Strangely enough, the debugger can stop on such a line, if the statement on which to stop is complex enough.
The screenshot below shows how it look. The code to debug has no meaning. It is just there to have code to execute.

Attached also the complete demo source: (6.6 KB)

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Michel Huybrechts
Micriconsult BV

We will investigate whether this is a pas2js issue or an issue in our tooling.