DBWebPlanner not updating

I currently have a TTIWDBWebPlanner on my form that is using a TTIWDBDaySource to populate, the source is linked to my TDataSource which is then linked to a Query in the background to populate it. The issue I am having is that i do the following and the data in the background updates but the visual component stays the same. This is a snippet of code that I am using to update the control, which used to work all the time.

    LoadDay(myDay);   // <- this function updates the query which the DaySource is linked to

I have found that if any ASync call is made to the form before the code is called the planner updates correctly, however, if the first thing I do on the form is try and update the planner the visual does not update but the background data does. I have other controls on the form that do update correctly.

I am using IW 14.0.39 with the latest version of the TMS control, this is happening to me on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Is there something that has changed?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


No changes have been made recently to the TTIWDBWebPlanner or TTIWDBDaySource controls.
Did the issue also occur with previous versions of IntraWeb 14?

If the problem persists, can you please provide a ready to run sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?
A zip file with sample project can be send to mailto:help@tmssoftware.com