webplanner align to client doesn't update

I have a dbwebplanner on a region - both are aligned to client.  when I resize the browser window, the region sizes, but the webplanner remains at the size it was when the window was opened.  Other regions and labels, etc all resize properly, except for the planner.  Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

If the grid is client aligned, you can set the WidthType of every column to wtPercent with an appropriate Width value to make the grid resize when the browser window is resized.

Thanks, but I can't find where to set that property.  I'm using the TTIWDBWebPlanner.

The TTIWDBWebPlanner has a fixed size depending on its width and height settings and unfortunately client aligning is currently not supported.

However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version of the control.

Thanks.  My next problem is that I can't seem to get the planner to update when the underlying data changes.  I'm using a query that is designed to return 1 record for a specific day.  I know that part is working, and the daysource's fieldstoitem event is firing and working, but the planner doesn't update. I've tried calling all the planner's update and refresh related methods I can find, but it just stays displaying the information for the date that came up when it was first run.

When I'm doing this I can see that the planner.items.count is updating to reflect the correct number of items that are in the database, but nothing is changing in the browser window.

Can you please have a look at the DBMonthPlanner demo, which is working as exepected, and let me know what you are doing differently so I can further investigate this issue?

Ok well this was strange.  I am using TIWAdvImageButtons to change the date, and Firefox as my browser.  When I used the buttons' asyncclick, the data updated but the browser did not.  When I used the regular onclick, nothing happened at all.  Then I tried it in Internet Explorer, and it worked with the regular onclick and behaved the same as Firefox with the asyncclick.  I found that when I removed the form's onresize event then everything started working.  Even if everything in that event was commented out, having that event in my code caused the brower window to not update. I'm new to web development, and this baffles me, but at least the planner is working now.