DBPlanner: not updating planner after editor close

TDBPlanner 3.003

I have hooked up a DBPlanner with a TDefaultItemEditor. When I add or edit an item the changes are saved to the database but do not show up on the planner. In the DefaultItemEditor OnEditDone event I tried refreshing the ItemSource and the DBPlanner with no effect. How can I resolve this?

I cannot immediately see a reason for this.

Is it the edited items that are not appearing on the Planner or the changes that are not appearing?
What exactly in the items are you changing? Do you have a sample with which we can reproduce this problem here?

OK I resolved this by setting TDBDaySource.UpdateByQuery = True. Which is odd since I thought that option was for doing the updates yourself using SQL instead of using the internal DB features. I want to use the internal DB features not SQL.

I was just testing with the Notes field which when changed would update the database but not the planner item. If you still need a demo let me know.

Some more relevant information. I did have commented code in TDBDaySource.OnUpdateItem. When I removed that commented code completely updates work fine with TDBDaySource.UpdateByQuery = False.

By default , using DBDaySource.OnUpdateItem is treated as application level code that is updating the DB. If you do not actually update the DB from this event, it won't get updated (unless you set UpdateByQuery = false)

That's not what I'm seeing though. If there is anything in the event, even a single placeholder comment, the DB won't get updated when UpdateByQuery = false.

Sorry, I overlooked it, when OnUpdateItem event handler is assigned but you still want TDBDaySource to write the changes to the DB, you need to set UpdateByQuery = true