DBE error : Record/key deleted

I'm using 2 TDBadvGrid in Master/Details Mode to link 2 Tables.

i'm using Sybase and BDE Delphi

the problem:

When inserting an new record in the empty details-dbadvgrid i Get an error message:  " ...Raised exception class EDBEngineERROR.  with message Record/Error deleted.."

when i click OK, the record is added to the grid but the details grid can no more be updated when a line is selected in the Master grid.

i have to restart my application and it just work fine!

The problème accors only when there is no record in the details grid.

If i replace the dbadbgrid by the TDBGRID, the error disapears!!!!

any idea?

Did you try to set grid.RefreshOnDelete = true, RefreshOnInsert = true?


yes a did try this also, but the problem remains. What is the strenge, is that this erroor message doesn't happend with TDBGrid!

Any idea?

no one to help me?

is grid.PageMode = true ? Did you try to toggle the setting grid.DataSetType?
We do not have Sybase installed here. Can this be reproduced with BDE, Access, SQL server and if so, could you provide some sample source project?