I have a problem with this component, if I do a resize of the form that contains the grid with set align to alClient , if pagemode = true I often get generic errors in bookmarks, if setting pagemode = false the errors disappear. Ideas? Sorry for the previous empty post but I can not delete it :-)

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Is this with the latest version of the grid?

If so, can this be reproduced with any of our demos, as so far, we could not see this issue here.
Yes, it's the latest version but I can't reproduce the problem on a separate project since the problem occurs only if I make a master/detail with the Aurelius Dataset (putting on detail the list that is in the Master), I should share also the DB to show you the problem directly.
In any case, in order not to make the problem happen, I have to deactivate the PageMode on the detail.

Is the issue affected by toggling the setting for grid.DataSetType?