DBAdvGrid can't insert records

Hi All!

In ADO Editing Memo demo, check AllowInsertRecord, go to last record
(Mazda MX5), click Add (+): the last record disappears and the previous records
becomes active and set to append (*).

Open demo again, check AllowInsertRecord, stay in the first record  and click Add (+), write something (Tata) and the cursor moves to the end –which is somewhat logical- but the insert ends and then you can’t edit or delete the record.

I have a tool to run queries and edit & add records similar to this demo and for years worked very well inserting and deleting records and creating and updating tables. Two months ago I recompiled it to use some new properties in advMemo and realized it can’t append records anymore. The previous version of my tool that is working fine is from June 2017.

So in these two years something went wrong in the TDBAdvGrid component.

Can you help me with this?

Best Regards

Francisco Alvarado