major Problem with deleting Records

I use a DBADVGRID connected to the same Data_Source as a Navigator.
The source is connected to a query which sorts the records desc by a datefield (but this is not the reason for the problem).
If i delete a record using the navigator always the first record in the list is deleted, even if i position the cursor on any other record.
I additional found, that editing an element in row 2 and higher and leaving the field with TAB always positions the cursor in row one, correct collumn. Maybe this is related to my problem.

This is very dramatic!

I wrote my own deletion-routine to have a workaround. But this is only the second-best solution.

J. Bucher

We cannot reproduce this problem here.
Our test project is here: 

If a problem persists, please contact us by direct email with a sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem.

Thanks for your Test-Project. I indeed can not reproduce the problem with your project. Maybe it is a matter of our UniDAC components or the oracle-DB. I am still looking for the solution and will coment it here as soon as i found something.