DbGrid Scrolling

I Have a DBAdvGrid with PageMode set to True.

When I mouse scroll down the records continue to scroll all the way through the data.
When I scroll up the records scrolling stops at the top row of the grid and no additional data records are pulled. I have to use the scroll bar to move back up in the records.
Why would that be?

Also using page up or down (or arrow up or down) only works within the records that are showing and will not move through the data. 
Is there a way to make that happen?


Can you try to toggle the setting for grid.DataSetType to see if this helps.

Yes, that gets 'er done!


So I was having this problem and toggled to DtSequenced which goes against the documentation. That worked but in making the scrolling or arrow function more normal. What is still happening is that the mouse scroll still skips multiple records per scroll. Is there another setting to resolve that ? Reopened this post to not start a new one unnecessarily. Wheel increment is set to 0. Thanks Bruno !!


Can you try to set wheel increment to 1? That should make it scroll line per line with the mouse wheel.

That worked, I assumed the increment was INCREMENT. Also to circle back on the DtSequenced and DtNonSequenced. I am a bit confused on this and how the documentation explains it should work. Is there a database dependency that can make this act differently depending on the data server being used ? Any further guidance on this please. I have used the DBGrid often and with different database servers and find this to not be a consistent result based on that setting. Thanks again for the help !!

Whether you need to use DataSetType = dtSequenced or dtNonSequenced depends on your database.
Some database / datasets offer the capability to send buffers of records our of order (non-sequenced) and others can only send buffers in a sequence. So, choose the right DataSetType based on your database / dataset.