DBAdvSmoothDatePicker error design

Try to create new project and place this component on form. Save and close project, reopen it and try to move form ! I use rio 10.3 and vclpack 10.5.3

Could not see any problem here.

I cannot reproduce this with a default TDBAdvSmoothDatePicker on the form.
Can you please check this with the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack first as we request before creating new support tickets TMS Software | Support

updated to TMSVCLUIPackSetupReg_10.6.6.0 same problem on Rio 10.3.3

Again, I can NOT reproduce this.
Provide a test project.

Project.zip (6.5 KB)

Archive is .RAR

Try this... maybe is a my packages errors or compiler

I can open this without issue here:
I suggest to test this on another machine.

did you try to move the form with mouse ?

How can I move the form at design-time in the IDE?

i have undocked setting of designer and i can move it

Why is this essential information only provided now?
It will be fixed in the next release.

Bruno sorry but i said you (first post) "...and try to move form" at design !!

With 99 out of 100 using a docked form-designer, it did not occur to me you were using an undocked IDE. Providing this information would have helped me waste less time.