No attached record (detail)
dsUsers.Enabled := False;

There is an attached record. The next line raises an error
dsUsers.Enabled := True;

exception class $C0000090 with message 'floating point invalid operation at 0x004a884b'.

If I choose Continue, the program works properly. Until I select the record without detail again.

If I've tracked it down well, the mistake is here:
function TDataSet.FindField(const FieldName: string): TField;
Result := FFields.FindField(FieldName);
if (Result = nil) and ObjectView then
Result := FieldList.Find(FieldName);
if Result = nil then
Result := FAggFields.FindField(FieldName);

I cannot reproduce an issue by setting a connected datasource.Enabled = false.
If a problem persists, please provide a sample source app with which this can be reproduced here.

I'll try

Um, in the upcoming demo, it works for me. Not in the program. I have to look where the mistake is.

At least for information.
I created the form again.
If I use TDBAdvSmoothDatePicker there is a problem.
There is no problem when using TAdvDBDateTimePicker, TDBPlannerDatePicker or TDBAdvTimePickerDropDown.
Unfortunately, I can't create a working example.

In order to be able to investigate, we will really need to know more details so we can at least reproduce this.

I know that well. That's why I'm sad about it. I can only send you the whole project. But you reject it for several (security) reasons.
I use:
Firebird 3.0.7 embeded
custom components derived from TMS components. In fact, we can talk about one. Unfortunately, it uses TDBAdvSmoothDatePicker. Others just add a few simple features.
EurekaLog - I can deactivate it

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The problem is not a single form.

On November 26, 2020, I sent a project with an error to support. Please look at it?

Please isolate this problem
We do not have Firebird and VirtualStringTree installed here.
Please ensure only standard VCL controls and TMS controls are used so we can open the project and compile and test it.

I don't know where VirtualStringTree appeared there.
I checked the project. He threw away everything he could.
It throws an error in the IDE. When you run the exe no.
I can't remove Firebird. Then how do you see the error?
It's an embeded Firebird. There is no need to install anything. Just
copy the fbclient.dll file ver. 3.0.x from the Internet and set
FDConnection. Gmail does not allow sending dlls. Even if I rename them.
I don't know more about it.

Dňa 10. 12. 2020 o 18:38 Bruno Fierens via TMS Support Center napísal(a):

JasotSVB (200 KB)

I thought it was bound to a DB component. It's not. I am enclosing a clean project.:grin:

JasotSVB (114 KB)

Our (Slovakia) date display format is: '31. 12. 2020 '

You see this error when you run the app from the IDE.
This concerns a gracefully handled internal exception for string to date conversion by Delphi RTL code. When you run the app outside the IDE, no exception shows.

But TDateTimePicker and others does not have this problem.
How can I get rid of it?

The IDE always catches exceptions when you run from the IDE, unless you disable this at IDE level.