DBAdvSmoothDatePicker Bug?

Is this a bug or the intended functionality?

If I place a DBAdvSmoothDatePicker on a form and link to a DataSource/ADOTable with Connection String to an existing database file containing a Date Field, I can use the DBAdvSmoothDatePicker to drop down the calendar and select a new date for the existing entry and Post the change with a linked DBNavigator successfully.
If, however, I follow the above steps but CANCEL the changes instead of posting the edit, the DBAdvSmoothDatePicker Edit box shows the existing date OK but on dropping down the calendar I get the rejected date highlighted! Stranger still if I pick the day prior to the existing date (eg: existing date is 30/12/2010 and I select 29/12/2010), when I cancel the post and drop down the calendar I get BOTH dates selected!
Any ideas? (would be much appreciated).
Bruce Hutchinson.
Delphi 2010 Pro
TMSSmoothControls (DBAdvSmoothDatePicker v

Update to my problem...

Upgraded from Windows XP/32 (MCE) SP3 to Windows 7/64 requiring a full wipe and install.
Problem has now gone and functionality is as expected. Unable to say if problem was a Win XP/32 and Delphi 2010 Pro compatability problem or just a faulty install. Thanks to anybody who was checking for me.
Bruce Hutchinson.