DBAdvRichEditor + AdvRichEditorFormatToolbar


In our project we put more DBAdvRichEditors components with coresponding AdvRichEditorFormatToolbars on the same form. 
But a bit strange behavior now happend: All AdvRichEditorFormatToolbars (Font/Size/ ..) looks same, it means they showing Editor settings (font/size/...) for currently selected richEditor, when I change the richEditor, all of FormatToolbar changes setting for currently selected one.

So lets say "function" itself is fine, but the visual side is a little bit tricky for our users :( 

I tried to Disable toolbar, clear RichEditor property, set readOnly for rest of richEditors except is focused.

Any help/idea ... or "its not bug, its a feature" :) 

Thanks for any advice, Ondrej

I'm not 100% sure I understand your question.
Do I understand correct that you want to disable the toolbar for all but one TDBAdvRichEditor on the form?

Thanks for reply. 

Particulary yes, but .. 

I understand that I wrote it poor .. unfortunately I cant paste a image into this form, dunno why :( 

Imagine 4 RichEditors with 4toolbars
the point is ... when I focus 1st RichEditor and do my work (changing size, writing, changing font, color and so on) all of rest 3 ToolBars they changing too .. 
In other hand .. imagine same scenario
In 1st  RichEditor there are 3 lines ... 1 is bold, 2nd underline and 3rd is italic ... 
when the cursor is in 1st line, the toolbar show me font, size, bold and so one
when the cursor is in 2st line, the toolbar show me font, size and underline  .... 

What is strange, that all 4 toolbars show me font, size ,..., bold. not only the 1st one toolbar.

What I expect is when I move cursor in 1st richEdit, only 1st Toolbar show me the text format. The rest of toolbars should be intouched / disabled / cleared (dunno)

I hope I explained it better.


We are facing the same problem in our project.
All our TAdvRichEditFormatToolbar components are linked to their corresponding TAdvRichEditor components, but when we're using the toolbar runtime all of the visible TAdvRichEditFormatToolbar components will activate and do the same things instead of only the one that is being used.

Also sometimes it looks like that the functions IsSelectionBold, IsSelectionItalic and IsSelectionUnderline are not correctly seeing if the text in the AdvRichEditor is bold, italic or underline.
This occured with using the buttons on the TAdvRichEditFormatToolbar and in code.

Hope someone can help us with this.

Thanks in advance,

Do you use the latest version of the components?
With the latest version and demos, I couldn't see an issue.
If the problem persists with the latest version, could you please provide detailed steps to allow us to reproduce & investigate this here?