DBAdvListBox and ADS local tables

Dear folks

I'm attempting to use the DBAdvSmoothListBox with Advantage Local tables.  For some reason or other the DB cursor simply doesn't move when another item on the list is selected.

I have tested this with one of the demo apps by replacing the TAdoTable with a TADSTable.  Exactly the same behaviour.  The selection on the list DOES NOT match the selected record on the grid.

The point is that, in both versions, the same TDatasource was used.  So something appears to be "busted".  Has anyone else run into this problem? Have you managed to arrange a work-around? Like getting the contents of one of the Databinding "fields" and using that to simulate a scroll by using a search (Find or Locate).

Anyone got any idea how to do that? I can't fnd a way of getting the field's contents from the list.



We haven't used it with Advantage here but I wonder whether the Advantage dataset has a reliable dataset.RecNo property?

Actually, see: