DBAdvSmoothListBox - table search

Dear folks

I'm trying to set up the listbox as a form of Lookup list - as for TDBLookupList, etc

I need to get access to the contents of a Hintfield that I have allocated a key field's contents so it can be used to search the table for the relevant record.

This is required because I can't find anyway to get the list to move to another record when you scroll it.

Is there any way of doing this?  Because I do like the look of the control.  It's just that it seems so limited when it comes to moving around the table that it's displaying.



I'm not sure I fully understand what you need. The relationship between the DB cursor and the TDBAdvSmoothListBox is that the selected item in the list is where the DB cursor is. If you scroll in the list and the selected item moves along, the DB cursor will always be at the selected item in the list.


The DB cursor simply doesn't more.  It's "stuck" on the last record in the table.

Where are the demos?  I've looked for them but can't find them.


The demos are under \My Documents\tmssoftware

We have you also sent this demo via direct email.


I've managed to get the listbox to simulate scrolling by placing a key field's value (from the Databinding.Hint parameter) into a variable and searching it.

There is one, remaining, problem.  I need to double-click the selected list item to get the variable to change. In practice a single click to select the item, then a double - click to change the variable's value.  Even though the Event that triggers the change is the Onclick event.  As far as I can see I haven't played around with any "click delay" settings.

Any suggestions?  If I can't fix that problem the control is simply unuseable.  As It needs to be used in a retail/hospitality environment with a touchscreen.  And cashiers aren't known for their patience..

You know something.  I'm not impressed with this component.  I like its appearance and the fact that you can make the items large enough for fingers on a touchscreen.  But it simply doesn't seem to work all that smoothly.


Hah - answered my own question.  OnItemClick does the trick.  NOT OnClick.