Slow populating of TDBAdvGrid


Now I have a "new problem" with TDBAdvGrid.

In using grid with large number of records  (200000 records with 5 fields) opening/populating take 3800 up to 4500 ms.

Grid is seted to DataSetTypeAuto = True and PageMode = True

DataSetType, AutoCreating and removing  columns not affecting speed of
opening. Without filtering, sorting, dataset is readonly, without using
of editors, just "naked" grid that displays 1 guid and 4 string fields
for 200000 test rows.

For comparasion, TCRDBGrid and vcl DBGrid takes 122 - 140ms!  That's about 32 times slower than "classic" db grids !?

Any hint for speed optimisation at grid properties/using level?  I use
grid  with DevArt MSDAC controls and SQL server, and data controls layer
and method of data retrieving  (fetching data in parts, not all,
cacing, readonly...) can't be modified. As I say'd other DBGrid controls
works with same datasources at acceptable speeds of loading. I now that
TDBAdvgrid is based on wery powerful string grid with all power of
features, and this take some "costs and payments".

Did you read the PDF developers guide, in particular page 6 and possible need to implement OnGetRecordCount.

Thanks a lot!
RTFM :-) Of course, I readed mannuals over and over manny times, but i dissmised this about the RecordCount.