DBAdvGrid, header lost

Another question.
On the same tests, I use Access database.
So, TDBAdvGrid with PageMode property is set true and DataSetType is set to dtNonSequenced.

If I scroll with the mouse without use keybord before, the header scroll with all rows.
If I change the key order of my database, on refresh or synchro ( I Think ?), the header come again.

I can make some screen shoots to show you.

Again, what's wrong?



Do you have grid.FixedRows = 1?

If you have at least one such fixed row, it should not scroll with the other normal grid cells.

Yes, I have grid.FixedRows = 1

I can't reproduce that the fixed row moves. If a problem persists, can you please contact us by email and provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce the issue here?