AdvDBGrid not showing data in some cells

The grid does not show data in some cells on some occasions. The dataset is sequenced because if I put it notsequencde it loses the pointer of the row.

This behavior does not always do so and is usually resolved simply by resizing the form a little.

Using delphi XE8.


Setting DataSetType = dtNonSequenced should solve this.
It is not clear what you mean with "loses pointer of the row"?
We are not aware of issues with the "pointer of the row".
Can you please provide more details about this?
Did you compare with our demos?

Excuse me, I was referring to the cursor pointing to the selected row but I have seen that it appears when DataSetType = dtNonSequenced.


In any case the problem is not resolved. But simply adjusting the size of the form the cells appear. I show you video,


I could not reproduce this here so far.
If this problem persists with the latest version of the component v2.5.0.8, please provide a sample source app with which we can reproduce this here and investigate.