What settings do I need to make a DBAdvGrid work “normally” for editing a dataset combined with a navigator?

I’m using it with a dbadvnavigator, simple text columns, and there are several issues when there are post/insert/cancel operations, especially when the cell editor is active.

I’ve tried many workarounds I found in the forum from years ago, and nothing gets better. Even with the Demos I have the same problems.

I work with PageMode, epRow, nonsequenced, RefreshOnInsert, RefreshOnDelete, AllowInsert/DeleteRows, AdvanceInsert=False, AdvanceOnEnter, adLeftRightInRow.

If I’m editing a cell and then press Cancel, the grid repositions to a valid row, but the cell content remains the same I was editing before. Sometimes it changes back to the real value when I click on something else that makes the grid refresh or repaint. Scrolling the grid also make it show the right values again. Calling grid.Refresh or grid.HideInplaceEditor in AfterCancel event has no positive effect.

If I’m editing a cell during an insert/modify operation , if I press , it Posts the previous Row, inserts a new one on the grid, and the editor remains with the previous value I was editing.

Are there other properties I should set to avoid this? Any dataset/navigator and/or grid Events I should use to avoid it?


The Demo\DBAdvGrid\ADOEditing demo allows editing and uses a DBNavigator.
I suggest to start with this example and base your application on this.

This demo has the same behaviour when I'm editing cells and press a navigator button.

What exact unexpected behavior for what exact sequence do you see?

Please watch the video.

Recently uninstalled and reinstalled VCL UI Pack.

No changes made to the demo, except changing the application Icon, because it comes with an invalid reference to Icon4.

Could you analyze the demo video?

I forgot to record one more situation… when you’re editing a column and then you press the navigator button + (insert record). It inserts a new record, and the editor comes with the same value you’ve been editing on the previous row.

Seems like the grid maintains sort of an internal cache for the inplace editor that is not refreshed and/or cleaned through records edit/post/cancel operations.

Hi there. Please, I'm still waiting for some update on this topic. I got several tables CRUD operations based exclusevily on DBAdvGrid + navigator.

We could reproduce and fix this. The next update will address this.

Thanks a lot!

Solved with version Thanks!

P.S.: In ADO Editing demo, new version works ok with epCell, but if I change EditPostMode to epRow, it still has strange behaviour, but I understand this demo table and dataset were made for epCell mode.

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