A component like DBCtrlGrid or similar for multirows editing (TWebResponsiveGrid?)

I need in TMS WebCore a component like DBCtrlGrid or similar for editing multiple lines (records);
A Db space multirows with free positioning of editors for input;
Better if similar to TWebResponsiveGrid but with editing capabilities.
Is possibile? Already exist or any workaround?
Thanks a lot!

At this moment, we do not have a built-in component with this specific behavior.
It is an interesting suggestion though that we'll consider for future updates.
At this moment, a possible idea is to populate a TWebResponsiveGrid on the fly with db-aware controls on it to edit the data.

Really interesting and very useful !!
I'm trying to get rid of data input handling which forces us to use a DBgrid and a detail form for each record.
Especially on mobile it is strategic to be able to directly edit the data in a kind of responsive grid, or rather directly in a list, without necessarily having to open a detail form (the input on Dbgrid is really difficult and doesn't work).
Is it possible to have a small demo or code on how to use TWebDbResponsivegrid with editors (DBeditor) to do Crud directly on TWebDbResponsivegrid?
It's very important for me, I would change the approach of user input making it smarter and more comfortable on the web :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot in advance!

At this moment, we unfortunately do not have a ready to use example that does exactly what you need.