I use an ttiwdbadvwebgrid with a Detailgrid.
I added an extra row with a dyncombobox.
Now i want to trigger an action on combochange and tried this with

ttiwdbadvwebgrid.combochange and ttiwdbadvwebgrid.asynccombochange.
Both procedures doesn't seem to be called.
How can i get the Value after the combobox value changed?

The next question is, that the combobox is disabled when the Detailgrid is opened.
Is there a way to enable it?

I use Rad Studio XE5 and Intraweb 14.0.52


No idea?


- Please note that the Dyn* columns do not trigger any events by design. These types are designed to only be used client side.
The OnAsyncComboChange or OnComboChange events are triggered when using a edCombo Column Editor.

- You can request a Dyn* column value using the DynEdits[ColumnIndex, RowIndex] property.

- I'm not sure why the combobox would be disabled. Do you refer to the DetailGrid or the main Grid here? Are you using the grid with default or custom settings?