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New to intraweb applications. So have a TTIWAdvWebGrid with 4 columns and one of the columns (Column 1) is set to ColumnType - ctDynCombo.  Have managed to populate the ComboBox with a list of products from a dataset using
If a user enters values in the other columns and selects a product from the combobox, how do I read what the user has selected in the combobox?  I have set it up to iterate through each row (only 6) to determine if the user has entered any data......the test being if there is a value other than '0' in the first column (column 0). For each row I iterate through each column and try this for the combobox column
sProduct := Grid.Columns[iCol].ComboItems.Text;
What I actually get in return is the complete list of products.  Can't find any examples of how to do this correclty. So can you please advise how this should be achieved.  Also can't seem to find any information on the difference in meaning of the combobox properties ComboItems and ComboValues which are both stringlists. Would appreciate some guidence on this please.
thanks in advance.
Bill Zwirs 
  • You can retrieve Dyn* cell values using Grid.DynEdits[ColumnIndex, RowIndex].
    - ComboItems: the text displayed in the combo box
      ComboValues: the text saved in DynEdits[]