Show combo column value

I've a TIWDBAdvWebGrid with a column having the columntype property set to to ctNormal and the editor type set to ctCombo.
I've loaded the comboitems and combovalues property too.
The column is connected to a database field containing an integer value that is the index of the comboitems values. While in editing mode the text values loaded into the comboitems are showed correctly, but, in browsing mode only the field value is showed.
Is there a way to show the comboitems values corresponding to the field data while in browsing mode too ?
I've tried with ComboEditorPromptValue and ComboEditorPromptIndex but without success.
Thank you,

You can set the columntype to ctDynCombo to display the comboitems while the Grid is in browse mode.

But in this way it seems to be always in edit mode or am i wrong ?

There's another problem too. The values are never updated in the database table even if changed in the grid.

I think I misunderstood your question.
If you want to display the selected value from the ComboBox editor as the cell value instead of the db field value you can use the OnGetCellData event to manually change the cell value.

I've already solved setting columntype to ctNormal and the editor type to ctCombo, using the onGetCellData event as you suggest today.
Thank you.