Refresh TTIWDBAdvWebGrid OnGetCellProp

I'm Using IW 14 and TMS iw14tmsgridxe5upd.  

I have a  TIWComboBox and a TTIWDBAdvWebGrid on a form. The grid component has an OnGetCellProp event which is used to color some of the cells.

When a new item is selected from the combobox, which updates the database filter, the data in the grid updated correctly, but the colors in the grid are not updated. If I click the next button to move to the next page the colors are updated.

How do I get the colors filled after the TIWComboBox updates the Grid?

Thank you.


Assuming you are using the OnAsyncChange event of the TIWComboBox to update the database filter.
Please note it's unfortunately not supported to use the OnGetCellProp in combination with async events.
Please consider using the OnChange event of the TIWComboBox instead.