Component TMSFNCRadioGroup1 all items true not change

OS: Debian 10 (buster) LXDE
fpc 3.3.1
lazaraus 2.1

v3.2.2.1 | Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Component TMSFNCRadioGroup1 all items true not change

Can you be more specific please?

I have 4 lines and they are all true
line 1 true
line 2 true
line 3 true
line 4 true
not change to false


We have tested this here but are not able to reproduce this. Did you click on the radio-buttons or did you programmatically change the value? We have tested this here on Windows, are you able to reproduce the issue under Windows as well?

coross compile to windows work ok


We have tested this here with the latest version and are not able to reproduce this issue. When starting, no radio button is selected. When clicking on one radio-button, we can select it and when clicking on another radio-button, the other radio-buttons get cleared. We can only assume that this is an issue specific to Lazarus and/or to the operating system you are using.


Can you try with TRadioGroup and see if the issue is reproducible there?

TRadioGroup work OK!RadioGroup02

Are they checked when starting the application?

Image is a running application

OK, We do not have Debian 10 running here, we have tested on Ubuntu, but this could be a specific issue tied to the Lazarus version and operating system. Do you have another setup you can test with?

I don't have much time to do that now.
When I do, I'll let you know.

I wrote, when I do cross for windows, it works fine

I'll see if I can setup Debian 10 here in a virtual machine and test again.

This problem on linux still exists.

Lazarus 2.0.12
fpc 3.2.0



We have tested this here with Debian 10, Lazarus 2.0.12, fpc 3.2.0 and the latest version of TMS FNC UI Pack and could not reproduce this issue. There are no issues with the TTMSFNCRadioGroup in our environment.

TMSFNCRadioGroup1.ItemIndex := 0;

solved the problem

I have seen this in your example

So we can close this issue?

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