Component TTMSFNCListBox cannot change items from the keyboard

OS: Debian 10 (buster) LXDE
fpc 3.3.1
lazaraus 2.1

v3.2.2.1 | Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Component TTMSFNCListBox cannot change items from the keyboard
Enter the keyboard not active OnImtemClick

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCListBox1ItemClick(Sender: TObject;
AItem: TTMSFNCListBoxItem);
ShowMessage('AItem.ID: '+IntToStr(AItem.ID));


We have applied a fix. You will be able to trigger the OnItemClick with the SPACE key in the next version.

There will still be the problem of moving the
up arrow key
down arrow key

We have no issues here. We have tested this here on Windows, Lazarus 2.0.2 and could move the selection with the up & down arrow keys.

And with me scrolling can be done for one scroll, but more scrolling doesn't go until I press key TAB

That's strange, can you reproduce this on Windows as well? Which Lazarus version are you using?

cross compile to win32 work ok.

in linux there is a dashed line, when it is active they can move, and when I move it bursts and I can't move


This seems an issue specific to GTK2 (, so we have implemented a FIX by setting the Key to 0 in the KeyDown internally. Next version will address this. Hopefully this issue will get fixed as this affects all custom controls. Not specifically our controls alone..

There are many improvements from open source components.
I believe you will find many solutions for a better product.
I will do better applications too.

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Thank you for your feedback.