Compiler Error in WebLib.TMSFNCUtils.pas Symbol "ThousandSeparator" is deprecated in VSC

In VSC I try to compile ChatGPT connection code sample. I installed last web core version.

I added
units, but It gives these errors in WebLib.TMSFNCUtils.pas

Symbol "ThousandSeparator" is deprecated... The error content is listed below.
"resource": "/Users/tugrultamturk/Test/tmssoftware/TMSFNCCoreVSCReg/WEBLib.TMSFNCUtils.pas",
"owner": "external",
"severity": 4,
"message": "Symbol "ThousandSeparator" is deprecated",
"startLineNumber": 4453,
"startColumn": 14,
"endLineNumber": 4453,
"endColumn": 14
And Others;
Symbol "ThousandSeparator" is deprecated [Ln 4454, Col 20]
Symbol "ShortDateFormat" is deprecated [Ln 4506, Col 19]
Symbol "DateSeparator" is deprecated [Ln 4524, Col 26]
Symbol "DateSeparator" is deprecated [Ln 4548, Col 28]

What is wrong with my code? Did I missed some declaration?
Thank You

The sample we provided is for Windows VCL.
It won't work for a web client.
It is described in the blog article

"Note that we do not mention TMS WEB Core here that TMS FNC also supports. This is because OpenAI specifies that the API key cannot be used in a web client application where this key would be visible to anyone."

I could have created VCL ChatGPT app with TMS Cloud Pack already. Thank you

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