Class hierarchies in documentation

Would it be possible to use something like DoxyGen to generate class hierarchies, with maybe some HTML generation?

For instance, with Web GMpas, TDirections has a collection of TRoute, each of  which has a collection of TLegs, each of  which has a collection of TLeg, , each of  which has a collection of TSteps,  each of  which has a collection of TStep, each of which has various attributes.

Actually, that example is just a matter of drilling down, but some others are more complex.

For me, a picture is always worth a thousand words and it would be nice if such documentation were generated automatically and presented visually.

I'm not familiar with doxygen.
We'll have a look at this.

Thnak you very much.  I have been using DoxyGen or similar programs in commerical projects for 30+ years now and really recommend them. Nothing beats self-documenting code.

Even without any DoxyGen tags in the code it can still genrate a lot fo very useful information. In this case, I am particularly interested in the Class Diagram, but with good tag-comments it can do so much more.

Gexperts have a template function header and there are a few questions on stack overflow.

I am sure that this would really be of use to your customars and might avoid some of my stupid questions ;-)