Documents from Data Model

As I have to do some data modeling again in the near future and my current tool is quite outdated (older version of Toad Data Modeler), I was taking a look around to compare what's on the market. I usually have models with <50 tables, so no enterprise level application that I am after, and also the feature set I require is relatively basic. However, a key feature for me is being able to export documentation, ideally HTML, so I can easily browse through my data models. In TMS Data Modeler I am not able to find this - are there plans to export models to document them? Thanks for the info!

There is no export documentation indeed, unfortunately. We have this feature added in a backlog to be implemented in future, but no timeframe for now.

Just wanted to add that this is a feature much wanted by me too!

Is there any documentation template/layout that you could suggest?