Charts are missing in PDF file


I'm having an excel template (xlsx file format) with a chart in it. If I'm creating a excel report the chart is preserved and shows the correct values. But if I'm creating a pdf report via FlexCelPdfExport the chart is missing. Do you have any ideas how to preserve the chart in the pdf file?

Best reagards

Christian Sack


Currently charts are only rendered in xls files, not in xlsx. Xlsx completely changed the chart format, and we need to write another chart engine in order to be able to render them. This is planned for the future, but most likely for a 7.0 release since it will be a lot of work. (The chart rendering engine for xls took about 8 months of development, I imagine the xlsx one will take something similar, even if I hope it will be less).

In our roadmap, we have 6.3 coming very soon with win phone/winrt and svg support, then 6.5 with xlsx conditional format support, then 7.0 with xlsx chart rendering support. But of course this is all subject to change, depending in a lot of factors.