Export XLSX to PDF - Missing Charts

When I export the XLSX file to PDF, the Chart objects are not displaying.

ActiveWorkbook = new XlsFile(fileName, true);
FlexCel.Render.FlexCelPdfExport pdf = new FlexCel.Render.FlexCelPdfExport(ActiveWorkbook, true);
System.IO.Stream pdfStream = new System.IO.FileStream(pdfName,System.IO.FileMode.Create);
pdf.ExportAllVisibleSheets(false, "Sheet Name");

Hopefully I am not missing anything or doing something basic :P


Sadly xlsx charts are not yet exported to pdf. Only charts in xls files. 
Exporting the xlsx charts to pdf is in our schedule for FlexCel 7, but it is a complex thing and some months away still. To give you an idea, rendering charts for xls files was the big feature in FlexCel 4, and it took about 6 months of heavy development. Now xlsx charts are in a completely different format, and I expect a similar time to make them, since there is very little we can reuse and we need to rewrite a full new chart engine.

For the moment, the only workaround is to use xls files for files with charts that you need to export.