FlexCel Roadmap


I just wanted to ask if there is a roadmap for FlexCel and what will the new features be respectivley?

Kind regards
Christian Sack

We have a private todo list which currently includes 44 items, and that is growing all the time, never going down. Even with a product as mature as FlexCel with about 15 years of development, there always seem to appear new things to do.

But we prefer not to make a public roadmap, because priorities change all the time and once we make a public statement that we are going to support feature x next,  people will logically expect that we do feature x next, and too many times we are forced to do unplanned stuff instead, relegating feature x for a long time.

The one big feature I can tell you about right now is much improved chart support with rendering of xlsx charts and lots of new methods to add a chart by code. This is coming for FlexCel 7, but other big stuff like much improved Right-to-left support should be coming sooner. (right to left is already implemented)

Is there anything specific you would like to see in newer releases?

At the moment, there are 2 missing features for me:

  • Charts in PDF files with xlsx template file
  • Modifying/adding charts via code with xlsx template file
But as i can see in your text, you are about to implement it. So everything is fine.