Charts not rendered in XLSX


I have an Excel File in XLSX format (Excel 2007), when I export  to PDF or HTML there is no charts printed.
I have tried with demo "CustomPreview", there is no charts rendered.

If I create the same file but in XLS (Excel 97-2003) this time, the charts are well rendered.

So feature is missing for XLSX or there is a bug  ?
I must use Excel 2007 because my sheets have more than 65K rows.

Code used for pdf export:
TExcelFile*        viXls = NULL;
	TFlexCelPdfExport* viPdf = NULL;

	try {
		viXls = new TXlsFile(true);

		viPdf = new TFlexCelPdfExport(viXls, true);

		TFileStream* viFs = new TFileStream(pDest, fmCreate);
		try {
			viPdf->PageLayout = TPageLayout::Outlines;
			viPdf->ExportAllVisibleSheets(false, TPath::GetFileNameWithoutExtension(pDest));
			viIReturn = 0;
		__finally {

Sadly indeed, charts are not rendered in xlsx.

Currently we only support rendering charts in xls: xlsx uses a completely new format for charts, and we need to write a new chart rendering engine for it. This is planned in the middle term (not short term), probably around the 7.0 release, but it is too early to know if it will be coming before or after that.

In this case you don't have to write this in your feature list if you don't support it !

And you should make a section of what is implemented and what is not !!!

We have 100% native support for xlsx and xlsm file formats 

We have 100% native support for xls file format
We have natiev pdf report generation from xls and xlsx files.
We have 100% native support for previewing and printing xls and xlsx files.

We used to say in that page "Support for chart rendering", because we do support chart rendering in xls, but when xlsx was released we removed that line. We removed it completely, even when we do support chart rendering in xls, because we prefer to err in the safety side and not get people confused.

We always try to make sure docs are up to date, but documentation is huge, and you might find somewhere that it says that "rendering charts is supported" (even if I am not aware of any mention in the current docs), but that would be something written when xls was the only format and we did support it.

We are also not trying to say we implement 100% of the featureset of Excel, we don't and nobody except Excel (latest version) does. Not open office and not google docs.  There are new features being added to Excel all the time, like for example the new functions in Excel 2013:

And trying to keep up to date a "not implemented" document would be a huge effort. We could have a line in the web page like "ACOT function not supported!" and millions of similar ones, but it would be incredibly hard to list everything that is implemented and that is not.

We prefer to spend this time adding as many features as we can. But realistically there will always be a lot of things not implemented, and many I am not even aware of. Just yesterday I got an email to support removing the green triangles in formulas with errors, and I didn't know that was possible (it wasn't possible in Excel 2003, but it looks like they added support in 2007, and I didn't realize). Hours before that I got a request for FIPS support, and I didn't even know what FIPS was. (and yes, we already added FIPS support and are working in adding "ignoreErrors" API. We implement as much as possible, but a completely new chart engine isn't just something we can implement in a weekend).

As documenting every supported/not supported feature is not feasible, what we do instead is to provide fully functional trials so you can know if the features you need are implemented or not. But if you bought by mistake, please email me at and we will refund you your money. We know we can't satisfy everybody, and we really don't want unhappy customers. If the feature set isn't the one you need, we can try to add the missing features (sadly not in this case because the feature is too big), or give you the money back.  

Thanks for your feedback, and your efforts to implement the astronomical number of Excel features.