Chart Xaxis.TextBottom.Angle doesn`t work in D7

OS: Windows 7 and Windows 10
Delphi: Delphi 7 Pro SP1 (Build 8.1)
TMS VCL Chart: v4.2.2.0

Good day TMS team, here is a small flaw I've noticed in TMS Chart library:

XAxis text Angle doesn`t work in Delphi 7. You can find screenshot from the OverviewDemo project compiled with Delphi 7 and Delphi XE7.

Switch from TLogFont to TLogFontW fixes the problem

procedure TChartSerie.XAxisDrawValue(Sender: TObject; Serie: TChartSerie; Canvas: TCanvas;
  ARect: TRect; XAxisY, ValueIndex: integer; XMarker: integer; Top: Boolean; ScaleX, ScaleY: Double;
  DrawCustomValues: Boolean;
   var defaultdraw: Boolean);
  s: string;
  tf: TFont;
  //lf: TLogFont;
  lf: TLogFontW;
              //tf.Handle := CreateFontIndirect(lf);
              tf.Handle := CreateFontIndirectW(lf);

We have fixed this issue, next version will address this.