Pie chart legend

In Pie charts, legend symbols appear slightly above the legend text, when they should appear in line with the text:

This occurs in the viewer and in the exported PDF spreadsheet (I used an XLSx template with FlexCelRreport).

If I export the report in XLSx, open it in Excel and generate the PDF using Excel, the symbols appear aligned with the texts:

Is there any setting that can fix this?

This looks like if there was an enter or something in the legends, so the text is being aligned in a second line. Could this be the case?

I tried doing a similar chart here, but labels are aligned when exporting to PDF with FlexCel:

So I guess something else is happening which I am not sure what it is. Can you send me the xlsx file so I can try to reproduce it here?

I sent the files by email

I didn't get them (not in junk mail either). Can you retry? adrian@tmssoftware.com
Do not include exes as they are normally rejected by the mail server

I got the files now, thanks! I'll take a look at them as soon as possible

Ok, after looking at them, the problem is with the range for the labels, and the way FlexCel interprets them.

The range for the "Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels" is =Totais!$A$5:$B$9


FlexCel is concatenating the values in column B (which is empty, those are actually merged cells) with an enter (\n), and then the values in column A (in reverse order). This algorithm is actually the one used to write the Axis labels (in a bar/line chart) and it is correct for those, but for Legends, Excel mixes the column values in the forward order, and without \n between them.
That enter (or \n) is the one causing the labels to be below: the first line is actually an empty line from column B, then the second line is column A, and it is below the first line.

We will be fixing this soon for the next release, but in the meantime, if you change the Axis labels (press the edit button at the right in the select data dialog) to be A5:A9 instead of A5:B9 it will work as expected. In any case, as said, we are fixing this right now and the fix will be in our next release.

I made the suggested modification and the caption was displayed aligned:

Thank you.