Wrong X-position


I'm creating a simple Chart dynamicly:

1. Adding the Pane

FPane := self.Panes.Add;

FPane.XAxis.Position := xTop;

FPane.YAxis.Position := yBoth;

FPane.Legend.Alignment := laTopRight;

FPane.XScaleOffset := false;

2. Adding the serie

    FSerieDepth := FPane.Series.Add;

    FSerieDepth.YAxis.Position := yLeft;

    FSerieDepth.XAxis.Position := xTop;

    FSerieDepth.ChartType := ctLine;

    FSerieDepth.AutoRange := arDisabled;

3. Adding the Values

    FPane.Range.RangeFrom := 0;

    FPane.Range.RangeTo := 70     

      FSerieDepth.Minimum := -4500;

      FSerieDepth.Maximum := 0;

      FSerieDepth.XAxis.MajorUnit := 10;


With FSerieDepth do begin

    AddSingleXYPoint(0, 0);

    AddSingleXYPoint(7, -1000);

    AddSingleXYPoint(11, -1000);

    AddSingleXYPoint(26, -2315);

    AddSingleXYPoint(28, -2315);

    AddSingleXYPoint(31, -2315);

    AddSingleXYPoint(45, -3550);

    AddSingleXYPoint(50, -3550);

    AddSingleXYPoint(55, -3550);

    AddSingleXYPoint(60, -3550);

    AddSingleXYPoint(60, -3550);


Now, my plotted points get the wrong x-axis position i.e.

11/-1000 is displayed at 1/-1000

26/-2315 is displayed at 4/-2315

Any Idea to solve this problem?

Kind Regards

Please set your line type to ctXYLine

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Thanks for the quick reply,

i did so before but i don't need this index scale which appears immidiately by using the line type

ctXYLine. is there any way to disable this index scale?

Kind regards


Yes you can disable this scale for each serie with

AdvChartView1.Panes[idx].Series[idx].XAxis.XYValues := False;

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Hi Pieter, thx again

but, next problem incomming :)

I use a scale between 0 and -4500 on y-axis, x-axis from 0 to 70

I insert 2 points [0/0;6/0]...

The resulting curve is not displayed

workaround: scale from 1 to -4500 :)....

Kind Regards



We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this. 
The next version will address this issue.

Kind Regards,