Chart Performance and Style in VCL

Hello dear TMS Support Team,

unfortunately the FNCChart looks quite blocky in the VCL-Version. Is that normal behavior or can there something done about this. The Antialiasing-Poperty is set to true in both versions:

On the left is FMX and on the right VCL.

Another Problem is the Style and loading Time of the Chart editor. The FMX-one opens in half a second. In the VCL-one it takes about 15 to 20 seconds...

Also the Editor looks weird in VCL:

On the left is FMX and on the right VCL.

Can you provide any assistance for those problems. I searched the settings but can´t explain that behaviour.

You need to set NativeCanvas property to true to switch to GDI+, which will then enable Antialiasing.
About the editor: we are aware of the editor being slow on VCL, we are currently in transition from the old editor to various separate editors, but this takes time. It's unclear however why the editor in VCL is having issues with transparency, normally the editor buttons should be transparent, could this be related to application theme settings or Windows theme settings?

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Switching NativeCanvas to true was the key :slight_smile:

I guess my Windows theme settings are the problem here. I tried the Editor on another machine and it worked. Still looks different to what i would expect though :thinking: