TAdvCharView3D issues

Hi, I have several problems with TAdvCharView3D 

1. I set the "Color" property to for example (but not only) clBtnFace (which is $00F5F2F1 for sure - other components interprets the color correctly) and the background is black. Same behavior in example app. If the color is set explicitly to $00F5F2F1 (like originally in the example app.), then it is OK, but does not correspond with the clBtnFace, when theme is changed.
2. Please see the image - positive "top" value in the global settings of the chart series moves the chart up, negative value down, while moving the legend to the other direction. I need the legend to be TopCenter, and the chart to be reliably BottomCenter (or at least to fixed Top margin), without interfering each other. I don't se a way how to do it

3. Is there a way how to set Interaction:= false by default, or I have to do it programatically? I don't see any option in the properties

Thank you...

1) We are able to reproduce this issue here and have applied a fix for this issue. The next version will address this.

2) This is unfortunately not possible the Left / Top position are properties that are added to the default X and Y Coördinates of the series rectangle, when adding a new series, the chart will be divided and each legend will be positioned relatively to the series rectangle. The Top and Left properties are always applied, even though the Legend position is set to Top or Bottom. We will investigate here if we improve this behavior. 

3) The Interaction property is set at series level, not at Chart level (  AdvChartView3D1.Series[0].Interaction := False).

OK, thank you