Change text color of Speed Button

Hi how to change text color of TWebSpeedButton without use
color : #fff;

I've tried many thing with css and font property but button stay always with textcolor
in body color definition.



Is TWebSpeedButton.Font.Color not working for you?

Testing from a new web application, the font color changes correctly according to the TWebSpeedButton.Font.Color property.

If it's not working for you:
What are you doing differently in your project?
Are there different settings or extra CSS that you added?

yes i use some bootstrap css and mine
btn btn-default activecolor
can i use Font property together with css property ?

No, in that case you cannot. Once you assign the ElementClassName property, you cannot use the Font property.

Normally it should be enough to set your own CSS selector (activecolor I assume) with the appropriate text color instead of setting it in the body selector. That is if you don't have some CSS somewhere else that conflicts.

I just tried on a new project and Font properties does not work. I use VS 2.0 version.
Try with clean project when change Font properties you'll see that nothing change.

We were able to reproduce this in VSC. We'll investigate.

We fixed this issue. Next update will address this.