How to change font color of a TWebLinkLabel?

Using latest WebCore in Delphi, I can't change the font color of a TWebLinkLabel.

I tried:

  • setting property font.color of the component at design time
  • using'color', 'green');
  • defining a CSS class in the project html file and assigning this to the label

(setting background color by'background-color', 'green');
works, but that's not my intention)


I assume you want to change the color of the link itself? CSS should work for that, it's not clear what you tried exactly.

	.custom-link-color {color: #0000ff;} /*Color of any non-link text*/
	.custom-link-color a {color: #ff0000;} /*Color of unvisited links*/
	.custom-link-color a:visited {color: #00ff00;} /*Color of visited links*/
	.custom-link-color a:hover {color: #ffcc00;} /*Color of hovered links*/

Then assign custom-link-color to the TWebLinkLabel.ElementClassName property.

Thanks, great, that works!

(I didn't include the "a" tag in the CSS code because I didn't realize that this is needed... Dealing with the web for me means learning (at least) one new thing per day... :smile: )