TWebSpeedButton color

Win 10 / VSC 1.56.2 / WEBCore VNC 1.3.4546


the assigned button color is only used when setting when setting button property Flat=true.

Is there any way to assign the highlighting color when moving the mouse over the button?

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You could do this via assigning a CSS class with a hover state setting.

Is that also a workaround for setting the button color when button property Flat = false?

Setting a CSS class is also applicable for a flat button.

In my original posting I described the following: (correct me if this is not a bug)

So - simple question - how to set the color when button property Flat=false?

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WebSpeedButton.ElementClassName := 'btncolor'

with CSS added:

     .btncolor { background-color: yellow;}

Well, thank you for showing this workaround. I don't want to insist any further on this minor detail bug in this control.

Setting the button color by property editor with property Flat:=false seems not working as it should.

Setting the color of a WebButton or a WebBitBtn is working as expected.



We'll look to make TWebSpeedButton consistent with TWebButton