Font of TWebButton not sizable when using CSS for button styling

Web Core

My goal is to avoid rounded buttons on the iPad, but be able to dynamically change font size of buttons (and other elements) to adapt to browser window size changes. So I added the follow css code to the style section in the index.html of the project:

.msbutton { -webkit-appearance: none; }

I then assigned the ElementClassName property of the button (type TWebButton) to "msbutton". This works in general on the iPad, the button does not have round corners.

BUT: Despite having set ElementFont to "efProperty", I am not able to change the font size. Obviously the font properties are now also controlled by CSS. As far as I can understand the docs, this may be a bug.

It is by design that when you use ElementClassName, this CSS takes over styling of the control.

OK, thank you for the information.