Change order of iPhone Regions at Runtime

is there a chance to change the order of the Regions (Items) in the PageTransition component? Do I have to call any specific function to let the changes take effect?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Have you tried changing the order of the Regions through a synchronous event?
Please note that this is not supported when done via an asynchronous event.

Hi Bart,
ok, I will try the synchronus event.

But the sliding effect only works for the async event, correct?

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Here a quick sample of what we want to do to illustrate this a bit better.

we have the following regions
2              2a

Usually the user will skip through 1, 2, 3 but in some cases he might need more details. The details would be on Region 2a so the user now would use the regions 1, 2, 2a, 3.

Challenge: we only know if details are needed when a button on Region 2 is pressed. That is where we would need to change the order of the item in the PageTransition component - at the same time we would like to keep the sliding effect.

I hope this helps to understand our challenge a bit better.

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Unfortunately it's currently not supported to change the order of the regions asynchronously.

In this case you would have to jump to a specific region (2a) by setting the ActiveRegion to the relative region index in a synchronous event. You won't be able to use the sliding effect to go to region 2a.

Changing the ActiveRegion asynchronously is on our feature request list and I'll investigate if this can be implemented in a future version.