TIWIPhonePageTransition.ActiveRegion Async

I would like to change PageTransition1.ActiveRegion in an asynchronous event. A few years back I asked the about this and was told "ActiveRegion can only be set in a synchronous event". Is that still true?

If not, is there a specific method that should be used?

if still true, is there a workaround that could be used? JavaScript?

I do not care about the transition effect as long as I can display the desired region asynchronously.


It's still required to use a synchronous event to change the ActiveRegion in the TIWiPhonePageTransition control.
The request remains on our to-do list, but as it would require some non-trivial changes to the control it unfortunately hasn't been implemented yet.

If it would be easier, a completely different and effect would be acceptable. Something like PageTransition1.SkipToRegion(3). Perhaps the effect could be a wipe, roll, flip or fade. Anything would be acceptable as long as it was asynchronous.

I have no idea how much work this requires, but it would be a nice feature that would allow me to extend the app-like behavior.