Updating iPhoneHeader at run-time?

Hi again,
I've got another one where I need your advise:

I would like to update an iPhoneHeader at run-time. In our specific case I need to make a button on the header visible/invisible  according to some previous events.

This works fine if I change the property in the IWForm.Create but if I try to do later within an async event it sometimes work and sometimes it doesn't - I have to admit I can not reproduce the situation where it works/doesn't work.

Since I can not set buttons to enable/disabeld this would be a great alternative to force a certain action of the user. In our case we react with a second region on putting in login information - as long as that is incomplete or wrong I would like to make the "Next"-button invisible.

Best regards,


Unfortunately it's currently not supported to make the LeftButton or RightButton on the IWiPhoneHeader visible/invisible asynchronously.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality and Enabled property in a future version.

Thanks! This would improve handling a lot.