Question regarding TTIWIPhonePageTransition

Hello again,

i have a form with 3 Regions on it, using a PageTransition to switch betwen those 3.

Now im showing the  third region and want to switch to the first.
Calling the TransitionToFirst method 2 times doesn't work, so is there a way to accomplish this?


Hi Thomas,
the sliding does only work to the previous and the next region. It is not possible to "jump" from region 3 to region 1. In order to get there you need to set the property "ActiveRegion". This said you need to be aware that it will switch to the other region but without the sliding effect.

I actually had an issue when doing it this way because the app seems to be blank (white) for a second and only then shows the destination region. After this experience I checked the TMS demo app again where simly switch the region to visible:=true/false. Be aware that for this you need to completely remove the PageTransition from the form!

I have written a little procedure that switches the currently active region and that does the magic.

procedure TfmPhoneMain.SetCurrentRegion(ARegion: TTIWIPhoneRegion);

I hope this helps.

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Thanks, this helped a lot.

But now there is another problem: On my first Region, there are two TTIWIPhoneEdit controls. After switching to the next region, the two "clear"-buttons of those two controls are still visible. Even if i set invisible:=false on the controls.

Do you also have a sollution for this?


Hi Thomas,
that is actually a bug in the component and shall be removed with a future update.

I had the same issue and finally went for the native IWEdit fields.

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This issue has been fixed.
Please have a look at the following thread:

Ok then, is there a planned release date?

Unfortunately there's currently no fixed date set for the next release of the TMS IW iPhone Controls Pack.